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We are the forsaken children of the world.  Although we come from various ethnic and religious backgrounds and seemingly have little in commonfactisthere is a common thread woven through us.  As children we stood by and watched helplessly as our worlds crumbled apart, depending on strangers to come to our rescue and decide our fate, a fate which many times was worse than what we were delivered from.  We have a variety of stories to tell--some of appreciation for the caring people who took us into their homes, some of seeming indifference to our circumstances, and some of hatred toward foster parents who cared not for us, but only for the monetary and personal gain.  Even though some of us were fortunate enough to have been placed in a better environmentfactismany of us were placed in homes with people who simply were not equipped to deal with our special emotional needs stemming from the trauma we suffered from having been ripped away from our homes and families, however abusive and neglectful they may have been.  Though our experiences are diverse, we share the same basic feelings of loss, isolation, shame, and pain.  Our childhood wounds have left us feeling stigmatized.  Many of us feel as though we have been nothing but a burden--unwanted by our parents and dumped off on society's doorstep to be still a further burden.  Though we may strive mightily to belong in life's mainstreamfactiswe find ourselves more often on the fringes of life--homeless, incarcerated, and generally bankrupt.  It may appear we walk the same roads as everyone else, but our shoes show the difference.  Try as we may to find our home in this world, the search has often seemed futile.  It is this search that has drawn us toward another path, a path of our own choosing...
       We are tired of being angry, ashamed, and alone.  We want to end our isolation.
F.A.C.T. brings us together to share our experiences, face our past, and walk a new path that will build a bridge to healing.
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