Fact Support Group, F.A.C.T. is a support group for former foster children. Fact Support Group, F.A.C.T. is a support group for former foster children.
Dedicated to Michael
Fact Support Group, F.A.C.T. is a support group for former foster children.
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Carol Lucas
I am Carol Lucas, the founder of F.A.C.T. I am a former foster child and due to my own emotional issues stemming from my foster care experience, I felt a need for a support group, but when I went in search for one, discovered there wasn't any, so decided to form one myself. One would suppose with all the support groups available, there would be one for former foster children, especially since there are so many of us (currently about 500,000 in the foster care system in the U.S.) and we have such strong issues, but somehow we have remained hidden. It is my hope that we can come out of hiding and face our shameful past so we can "walk a bridge to healing." I dedicated F.A.C.T. to my brother Michael, who committed suicide because I believe that if there had been a safe place for him to share his pain, he wouldn't have taken his own life. It was my own pain of witnessing the long-term effects in my family that motivated me to form F.A.C.T., raise awareness, and advocate for foster children. After having worked through much anger and hurt, by the grace of God I am "walking the bridge to healing" and want to invite other former foster children to join me. "We" can do it together.

John Dunn
I am John Dunn, the co-founder of F.A.C.T. I am a former foster child and due to my own emotional issues stemming from my foster care experience -- I was in 13 homes -- I felt a need for a support group and was pleasantly surprised to find F.A.C.T. I contacted Carol, requesting permission to use some of her literature, and at the time, wanting to disregard the more spiritual material, but she didn't like the idea of us being divided and suggested we collaborate on F.A.C.T. Today I am grateful to her for persisting with me on this because as time went on, I realized that in my own life, spirituality was robbed from me and I was made angry about it. Today I am more accepting of spirituality and realize that it was certain people who hurt me, not spirituality. I am also the founder of the Foster Care Council of Canada, advocating on behalf of the approximately 88,000 foster children in Canada. It is my hope that through advocacy, future foster children will be spared the pain that thousands of foster children, including my brother and I have had to endure. I am honored to introduce F.A.C.T. to Canada and help others "walk a bridge to healing," through the grace of a Higher Power that I am beginning to become more familiar with and believe in.

Glen Woodard
I am Glen Woodard, a contributing founder of F.A.C.T. In October, 1999, while visiting with my sister Carol Ann, we sat down one night with another person to simply talk about F.A.C.T. and what would be needed as a working foundation for a support group for people who as children were subjected to the trauma of separation from their birth family and the further trauma of their experiences while in foster care. Although Carol already had begun working on F.A.C.T. in 1988 and had even pursued meetings, the ideas she had weren't fixed in stone. That evening we hardly expected what happened. In the course of about six hours, the Statements of Belief and the seven of the final ten Stepping Stones to Healing were written. This original material has remained virtually unchanged. Thus was F.A.C.T. as we know it today was born on that momentous evening. All was not harmonious in the following months. At first I recommend that F.A.C.T. not be a 12-step program, to which she agreed, but as a member of a 12 Step program I began to lobby for a similar program tailored to the needs of former foster children. Carol would not yield to this suggestion. For some time we both could only agree to disagree. As founder, Carol has of course done most of the work of writing and assembling all of the materials which now appear on the F.A.C.T. web site, and has gathered all of the stories for this book. I am simply glad to have been present at the birth of F.A.C.T. and for my part in its inception. While I consider my own experiences to be light compared to those of so many others who were in foster care, my experiences were traumatic and most certainly affected my life. I have worked and continue to work on issues concerning my childhood. My message is that there is hope for all of us and the promise of recovery is real. It is true that I wrote the spiritual document in the back of this book, but in reality it was simply given to me by God, words of comfort for all. I am grateful that my pen did not falter in the writing

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