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Here are some useful ideas for starting your own F.A.C.T.  meetings:

The first thing you need to do is find people who are interested in attending F.A.C.T. meetings. You could do this by completing the provided F.A.C.T. flyer with information about your desire to hear from those interested in attending F.A.C.T., and posting these flyers in hospitals, counseling centers, foster-care agencies, libraries, supermarkets, community centers, schools, churches, other support groups, and your local self-help clearinghouse. It's also good to advertise by word of mouth.

Once you have a few people interested, you could begin meeting in someone's home. As membership increases, the members may decide to hold meetings in a more public location. Consider contacting your local churches, community centers, counseling centers, hospitals, college campuses, and foster-care agencies.

After the meeting location has been determined, you can use the provided F.A.C.T. flyer by completing with information about your agreed upon meeting time, location, and contact numbers, then post these flyers in the various places previously mentioned.

Another good way to advertise is with free public broadcasting, which is available through many local television channels, cable companies, and radio stations. Just contact them to find out the exact procedure required. You can also advertise by completing the provided F.A.C.T. press release with your meeting information and sending copies to your local newspapers.

You're on your way! Please inform us of any new meetings that have been formed so we can post them in the "Scheduled Meetings" section.

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